Welcome to Your Complete Home Energy Management Solution

Real-time, easy-to-understand home energy use information and actions to save both money and carbon emissions. Savings goals that are realistic for your household type.

The Savings Path

Electricity prices can fluctuate throughout the day. So can the carbon intensity of our electricity generation.

People want to save money. If they can do that as well as reduce the carbon emitted by taking ownership of their home’s energy use, there will be lasting positive impacts. WeShift was created to help with this, with the everyday consumer in mind. Think of it as energy management for everyone.

Set savings goals that are realistic and achievable for your specific household type. WeShift then makes achieving them simple, with clear and meaningful actions to save both money and carbon emissions.

Electricity is becoming more expensive, and carbon is playing an increasing role in that. Shifting our daily routines can lower our costs and carbon emissions in a significant way. WeShift will set you on a path to understanding the carbon challenge.

Making Home Energy Management Easy And Fun

WeShift is a home energy management app that links to your home’s smart or smart-plugged devices (appliances, EVs, and heating/cooling equipment). It then makes saving energy easy and fun. Network with others to create a playful, competitive environment, all while saving money and carbon emissions. Unique data processing abilities assess your current situation at all times and relay findings to engage you to take action.


Conventional energy management solutions typically present data and expect you to do the work to interpret what to do. WeShift delivers this for you. Here’s what sets us apart:


Actionable Suggestions

WeShift captures energy usage from your home devices and provides you with concise and clear actionable items to make improvements. You reduce your cost and carbon footprint. No need to interpret data.


Shifting Energy Use

WeShift is as much about shifting when you use your devices as it is about reducing energy consumption. This avoids the use of expensive and dirty peak power when gas plants and/or coal are running.

Control Your Devices

We monitor the most important devices in your home, either as a smart device or using a smart plug. When applicable, you are able to take action by controlling those devices.

Compete Against Your Friends

Compare your savings to those of others in your network as well as those in your demographic. See how you rank against similar households. Take part in a challenge with your friends.

Not Just About Money

Savings are conveyed in both dollars and carbon emissions. These are often tied together, but this is not always the case.