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Our Founders

Lisa Oelke

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Lisa is an entrepreneur with a passion for the environment. Her concern for climate change attracted her to renewable energy, where she has spent the past twelve years focusing on utility-scale and residential solar. In 2013, increased awareness of access to energy was fueled during a visit to Tanzania. From there she collaborated with Majengo Canada, a not-for-profit, to bring off-grid solar and storage to a remote orphanage in Tanzania to address energy poverty, leading fundraising and serving as program manager to 2016.

The need for sustainable solutions propelled Lisa to launch a consultancy business in 2020, to drive future low carbon initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in people working from home and incurring higher energy costs. She realized that programs and incentives for simple, actionable conservation were lacking and that energy was perceived as complex. Her interest in behavioral drivers that encouraged energy mindfulness led to collaboration on innovative cleantech energy management software.

Lisa has served on the board of StepUp Energy Management since 2020. She collaborated with the co-founders of Women in Renewable Energy in 2014 to build an Advisory Board for WiRE and served as a member for a three-year term. As a member of the EV Society of Canada, Lisa contributes to the annual newsletter. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Len Eberhard

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Len is an urban infrastructure project manager, analyst, and business developer motivated by advancing the energy and transportation sectors, specifically in terms of making it easier for society to live sustainably. He is passionate about cities and the built environment, particularly with how that environment affects how humans interact with it. Having studied how to model and predict human activity/travel within a given transport system, he was a transportation planner for seven years before switching to renewable energy project development. He helped to deploy numerous commercial solar and wind power projects locally and abroad.

With coding having been present in much of his life, an as-yet unfulfilled desire to build and create prompted Len to take it up seriously and apply it to cleantech software. Having identified numerous deficiencies in existing energy management solutions, his focus is making a product that bridges those gaps.

Len holds a Master’s degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto.